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We have 20 years of experience in solving organisational challenges such as recruitment, employee retention, well-being and organisational development etc. For this task we use our testing tool TalentIndicator©. Developing the talent in your organisation ensures mental sustainability and healthy relationships in the workplace. We co-design and deliver talent programmes specifically tailored to your organisation’s context.

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Put action behind your vision

Developing the talents in your organisation is a good and valuable goal for organisational development. TalentInsights has worked with organisations and their leaders for many years to uncover and develop people’s potential. Explore our services and discover how you can become stronger. 

Talent teams

Talent pool

We identify the potential in the company and work systematically and purposefully to bring talent into play throughout the company. The company will be able to build the right balance between current managers, experts and projects and those of the future.


Management development

We create business-oriented leaders who are able to build relevant strategies, define roles/culture in organisations and develop employees. To develop your leadership skills, we work with the 5 pillars of leadership, personality and skills

personlig udvikling

Talent development

We believe that growth and success come through the capabilities of the individual and the organisation that surrounds them. Talent development happens every day. It is an interaction between people, tasks, organisations and must be aligned with the company's strategy.

Talenter certificering


At TalentInsights, we assess each individual's ability and talents. This gives your company insight into their potential and mindset. When talents are put under the microscope, possible development potentials are uncovered.


We help with the recruitment of all types of employees. We ensure that the selected candidate's talents and personality traits match the job role, as well as the overall strategy and culture. What are your needs?


Groups and teams

At TalentInsights we work with the composition of teams based on the understanding of the roles and tasks each team should be able to handle. We ensure a broad knowledge and insight, as diversity and increased efficiency.

KILROY kundecase

Customer case: KILROY

KILROY has been working with Talent Development for about 6 years. The tool was initially implemented in Denmark, and has since become an integral part of all markets in which KILROY operates.

Become a better leader through self-awareness

All indications are that we are mentally overloaded. With our leadership development programme
you will unleash your full potential to achieve a better balance in your leadership.
We use talent development to create viable businesses, while looking after people and you as a leader.


Do you want to coach other talents?

With our TalentIndicator course you will learn approaches and techniques that can be used in leadership and employee development, strengths-based change management, recruitment and other tasks. Read more about our course here and see available dates.

Who are we?

TalentInsights has been around since 2004. We work with everything from organisational development to personal coaching and certification in TalentIndicator. TalentIndicator is the cornerstone of everything we do. Read more about TalentInsights here.

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