Learn to lead from your own and others talents

Our leadership development starts with self understanding. As a leader you need to have a passion for leading and working WITH people. The company is dependent on your ability to create value and results through others. In addition you often need to lead more specalized subject groups and navigate changes and engagement in a complex reality.

At TalentInsights our talent development program is based on the individual candidates potential. Vi go in depth with your leadership development, as a person and in the team you need to be in. With our unique approach we develop you as an authentic and engaged leader, by freeing and strengthening your talents, so you can strengthen others.

Leadership development through self understanding

Sustainable leadership

A good leader has a big responsibility for understanding people. It is your responsibility to create mental sustainability and healthy relations in the workplace, that strengthen comfortability, performance and job satisfaction. At TalentInsights, leadership development is first and foremost about your own self understanding so that you get a strengthened focus on that which makes us human. Through your self understanding and the understanding of talent work, you can create a community that is capable of building more mental ressources than it uses.

Leadership that creates companies in balance

Leadership is person based. As a leader you are carried by your own personality, your charisma and your capabilities. This means that leadership for some is really easy and for others is a far more complex task. There is one commonality between all leaders: Good leadership starts between the ears.

The good leader does not act with strictness. It is about expanding your whole potential, so that you can expand others. Through talent development you are part of creating sustainable companies, while at the same time taking care of people and yourself.


Our leadership development program

At TalentInsights we help leaders, and leader groups with becoming aware of what talents they need to put into practice, to acquire a leadership style, that is in accordance with the organization. We work with both the strong and weak sides of your personality and capabilities, and teach you what strengths and weaknesses that can be developed or not.

To lead and develop others’ talents are an important part of the leadership assignment. We train you in using your own talents as motivation for others’ development. You will become capable of using your own talents to guide yourself and burn through without burning out. We help with pushing the talents, so that your top talents are used actively and you develop yourself as a leader.

The tools we put into practice via workshops or as consultants


My talents, my brain and my leadership. Me in relation to the aforementioned, who and what is it we need to achieve together. The dynamic between the talents.


Development is an active investment that is converted here and now. It is yourself that is sustainable and circular. We develop to create resilience and balance.


What is the little part of the talent that creates movement towards something new? Development is a combination of insight, empathy and idea. We develop when we use. Talent development is sometimes a contact sport, other times an inner reflection. We work with both parts.

We follow the guidelines for testing in the corporate world. We process information confidentially, and we work after the Data Protection Authorities’ rules. You can read more about the validity of TalentIndikator here and our personal data processing here. 

Do you want to develop your leadership skills?

We do both workshops and masterclasses for companies, as well as personal development courses targeted your unique development goals. Fill out the form and we will contact you within 48 hours. Our leadership courses er agile, so do not hesitate to describe your needs in the comment box.


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