We want to contribute to a world, where more people get the chance to realize their full potential

TalentInsights is a management consultant company. Our specialty is to help companies develop their talents with focus on leadership, management and a potential based mindset.

Per Bergfors


I have worked with talent development, talentpool and training as company consultant for 15 years. I also have 20 years of experience in management, sales and marketing in companies. I also work as Assistant Professor at CBS, and therefore have solid experience as educator and communicator.

My strongest talents:

  • Analytical
  • Developing
  • Researching
  • Learning
  • Communicating
  • Confident
  • Value fixed
  • Responsible
  • Coordinating

Ric Jakobsen


The last 15 years I have worked with talent- and competence development as process consultant for danish and international companies. As trainer and educator i tailor the course to the individual recipient.

My strongest talents:

  • Improving
  • Fair
  • Holistic
  • Involving
  • Value fixed
  • Optimistic
  • Empathic
  • Imaginative
  • Evaluative

Our history

In 2003 we created the company Biz Consulting Aps. We were two enterprising company consultants with focus on sales and marketing. We quickly got an organization consultant and a data scientist on board, and it became the first sod in the development of Talentindikator©.

We launched the first version of TalentIndikator© in 2004, and quickly started using and developing the platform in collaboration with bigger companies DONG (now Ørsted), Microsoft and others.

Based on talents we developed products such as EffektivEngagement©, The Coaching Salesman, Team Dimension, Knowledge dimension, Consultancy Performance Assessment and a line of other company specific services.

In 2013 the company became consolidated around the current owners and the name TalentInsights. Our strategy is now based solely on uncovering talents as well as building a network of authorized partners that use the assessment platform in their respective businesses.

We continuously develop our testing tool Talent I ndikator©, which at the moment is on the 4th generation.

Our expertise and interest in developing peoples talents is built up through broad experience from the danish and international corporate life, culture and sport.

Therefore our focus is your talent.

Collaborating partners


Our values

We have contributed to a world where multiple people get a chance to realize their full potential.

Through our direct consultant work and through our many certified users, we create self insight and development and through this better conditions for increased spaciousness, understanding, collaboration and community.

The best thing for us, is to experience the transformation and intuitive happiness that happens, when the individual takes in their talents, understand them and accepts them. TalentIndikator© becomes the tool, that easily and quickly makes it possible to free the potential, energy and happiness – and thereby the best conditions for performing at the highest level.

In this way talent development contributes to optimal performance and increased productivity – for the benefit of both the individual person, the company and society as a whole.

TalentIndikator© gives us the opportunity to create a unique platform for personal and professional development, that is based on the strengthbased approach – we experience time and time again the enormous power that is in the positive and appreciative approach that we subscribe to.

It gives us value to:

  • Give self insight, self acknowledgement and thereby increased confidence and personal power
  • Passing on a tool that makes sure, that you as a person can move yourself forward
  • To give people the opportunity to realize and be the person, that they naturally are
  • To put you and your employees subject knowledge into play in the best way possible
  • Give the key to creating a work environment with meaning and purpose
  • Decision basis as to how you in the best way can use your time, and thereby your life
  • Create accet of the fact that everyone is unique and the value of complimenting each other
  • Creating increased spaciousness and a larger community of people
  • To contribute to the fact that we with greater awareness can achieve more together – rather than seperately

That is the driving factor in our work – where we want to help you and your employees find yours.


TalentCloud is our assessment platform, where the TalentIndikator© is executed. Read everything about the credibility and validity of our testing tool TalentIndikator©.