Customer case: Kilroy DK

Understanding of the individuals core qualities has made TalentIndikator an indispensible tool for KILROY

Facts about Kilroy Danmark


Kilroy are part of a group, that is 100% owned by KILROY International A/S and who has main offices in Copenhagen. In 2019 the group had around 250 employees, seperated into their departments in the nordic countries, as well as Belgium and The Netherlands.

Unique cooperation

The most important reasons to make use of TalentInsights, is in part the tool itself and all the benefits surrounding it, but also TalentInsights’ interest and will to support different initiatives and activities on the grounds of the talent profile.


KILROY has been working with Talent Development for about 6 years. The tool was initially implemented in Denmark, and has since become an integral part of all markets in which KILROY operates.

It kind of happened backwards when Rikke Laursen for the first time got introduced to TalentInsights. Rikke tells us that “At the time the talent test was implemented as part of an internal leadership education guided towards our team leaders. KILROY first took in TalentInsights and the TalentIndikator tool, as a tool to uncover the team leaders talents and to get a tool that could support our leaders in the development and recruitment of employees“. Rikke was at this time working as Training Manager, and one day Rikke’s leader poked her on the shoulder with an offer to get her talents mapped out and at the same time become certified.

Since that day alot has happened. TalentIndikator is now an integrated and central part of both recruitment, leader- and employee development in Kilroy. Today Rikke works as HR Manager for KILROY, and outside of Denmark, the TalentIndikator has also been implemented in other countries where KILROY operates and in multiple languages. Besides recruitment, Rikke makes sure that the company’s leaders have the right tools available to drive leadership. TalentIndikator here plays a central role, in part for building and development of teams.

"If I had to use a different tool - I would feel like I was compromising."

Rikke Laursen

HR Manager at Kilroy Danmark

Fit for the organization and retention of employees

Even though Rikke had a bunch of experience with personal profiles, TalentIndikator was in a league of it’s own. Especially in connection to recruiting and interviews, TalentInsights has been a part of lifting quality and efficiency. This was shown by Rikke – and other recruiting leaders having a trustworthy tool, that the job interview could work from. At the same time the tool could support by finding the right candidates and not least uncover what motivates them.

In a company like KILROY, and especially for roles within sales, we recruit in large part based on personality and attitude. We believe that with focus on their talents developing them, we will end up hiring and supporting the fact that they use their talents in the best way possible. When we do this, it is also important to signal that there is no right or wrong profile – it is a question of how we make use of the individual profile and potential within. At the same time we know that there are certain talents that in larger part support “performing” compared to others. As well as there being talents, that give us a “head start” in relation to knowing where we should pay extra attention and be more supportive. ” – Rikke Laursen, HR Manager.

The place where KILROY especially can feel a difference from before working with TalentIndikator, is the positive impact of job satisfaction and the understanding of each other, as well as the team dynamic. We can also add noticable results in sales performance.

Creates a common language and understanding of each other

To put your own and colleagues talents into words has had a positive impact on the workplace environment. As a personal profile tool it has helped with creating understanding of each other and between teams, as well as creating a positiv dialogue based on the talents. “.. This is fundamental because we are different and we percieve things differently and act differently. With this tool you will reach the goal quicker. It also becomes more objective – it is not about our subjective opinions – it is a tool that helps us find our way and gives us something to speak based on.

It is valuable for a team and for the understanding of each other, and also in the relation between leader to employee. I use the tool to mediate when waves are high, I would not want to be without this.