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To be a talent, is not just to be skilled in subjects. Talent is something deeper. Something that is engraved in us all. Many interpret talent as something few people have. We think that everyone has talent. Whether or not they put their talents into action, is the difference maker as to how well they will perform. At TalentInsights we master talentspotting. We evaluate the individuals capabilities and talents, which gives insight into their potential and mindset. When the individuals talents are shown, it uncovers the possible development potential and their match with the organization.

This is why you should work with Talentspotting

According to HBR an american study shows that the average CEO is 6,4 cm taller than the average american. This is a result of our brains for thousands of years have looked for leaders as the strongest, healthiest and most robust. These qualities are easy to spot and unconsiously it is still those we look for today when there is a need for recruitment internally or externally.

Many companies still recruit after intelligence (IQ not EQ), experience and previous performance. But are these the right qualities to look for, in an era where leaders and employees need to make quick changes and anchor them in changing organizations?

At TalentInsights we work with Talentspotting, because the research shows that the core of the topic is about development potential above qualities, and how we match this development potential with the companies issues.

This is how we work with Talentspotting

The road to success starts with the right employees. In our course we switch the focus from high performance to high potential. It is a complex task, that we have simplified using our tool TalentIndikator©. With the help of this tool, we help your company with spotting and putting talent into words. We give insight into what creates talent and talent development in the individual. Our goal is for the employee to feel safe and comfortable with their own talents, so that they are used, shared and developed.


This is how you use talentspotting

We recommend talent development as a valuable tool for both recruiting the right talents, keeping and developing employees and strategic organizational development. Talent development is the driving factor we are looking for. The development has many directions, but the most important for us is that they become aware of developing the toolbox that the talents form. See for example our toolboox here beneath.

Our tools


We spot talents in potential, we uncover what you would be able to do if there was relevant room and space in the organization. It is one thing to get spotted, but it is another thing whether you want to be developed. Want, will and determination is essential in whether you will go from the spotted pool of talent to the given purpose. We put all of our talents into words so we can determine what talents can drive the organization in the desired direction.


In the talentpool there will be employees who wish to use their talents and who can see a purpose with focusing on the development of these. Methods like The Talent Triangle, Team Dimensions and Talent overview will give the needed overview both for the organization and for the individual employee. Read more

talent development

We use the combination of multiple tools to create developments in the order that is most relevant. We know what talents can be developed quickly and what talents need a bigger effort. We master the development of your own talents when the talent consciously searches for situations where it is activated and used. We think that a talent that is used is an accelerator for subject knowledge – a lever for problem solving. Read more

We follow the guidelines for the use of tests in the corporate world. We treat information confidentially, and we work after The Data Protection Agencies’ rules. You can read more about the validity of Talentindikator here and our personal data processing here.

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Whether you have experience with talentspotting or you are new to the subject, we are prepared to lift the assignment for, or in corporation with the company. Whether it is about recruiting, retainment of employees or organizational development, we will gladly give an offer as to how we can help. Complete the formular and we will contact you within 48 hours.


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