We match talents with job roles

Get help recruiting all types of employees. Based on our assessment approach, we ensure that the selected candidate’s talents and personality traits match the job role and the company’s overall strategy and culture. We help with selection when candidates have already applied. Our talent focus with your candidates make your recruitment faster and more accurate.

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Recruitment based on talent

We focus on creating a job match that is primarily based on personality traits and talents present. Secondarily, we assess the candidate’s skills, insight, experience and education. We focus on why, how and what the candidate can do.

In the process, we establish criteria that describe the job. We often assess a success profile in terms of. current high performance employees. Which talents have done the job best today? We discuss which talents and dimensions are respectively required, beneficial, neutral and inappropriate in terms of. the job and the organisation.

Let neurology guide you

Your people are your strongest resource and recruiting the right people can give you a competitive advantage. It also means that wrong recruitment can be costly and in some cases disastrous for your business. We are specialists in recruitment, profiling, job matching and onboarding. With TalentInsights you get a professional assessment of which candidates are best suited for the position. You can therefore base your final choice on data, as well as a bit of personal intuition.

How a recruitment process works

Our approach focuses on the personal skills and presence of talents that a position requires. That’s why a recruitment process always starts with a look at everyday life, the company’s values and the atmosphere at work. This gives us the best insight into the company and the best conditions for identifying the skills and talents you need. In our candidate screening, we use both in-depth interviews and neurological tests to find the right person for the job. We help individual talents through job dimensions that make employees more aware of their own talents and potential. The key is the match between the person’s talent and the job composition.

Our tools


We begin by understanding the culture in which the new position will live. If this is a new job area for you, we use the talents as a benchmark for the composition of the job advertisement. We interview stakeholders in the organisation about expectations of the job, what personality is needed, what skills and experience are expected. We match first on personal profile and soft skills, then on professional skills.

success profile

We develop profiles of former employees who have delivered successfully on the job. It gives you a picture of what it takes to deliver in your particular organisation. We do not believe that many job functions are identical across companies. Culture, vision and policies play a crucial role. This is what we uncover with success profiles.


Every recruitment is the beginning of a new development. We think onboarding is built around putting as much top talent into action as quickly as possible. We devote resources to prime future leaders on how best to settle that talent into their new role.

We follow the guidelines for the use of tests in business. We treat information confidentially and we work according to the rules of the Data Protection Authority. You can read more about the validity of the talent indicator
and our personal data processing here.

How can we improve your recruitment process?

Whether it’s recruitment, success profiles or optimal onboarding based on talent profiles, we are ready with unique solutions that match your needs. We would love to hear from you. Fill in the form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


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