Af pool of talents is our strategic preparedness

Find the company's potential with talentpools

Talentpool – in other words: talent mass. The talent mass is the collective potential in the company. The talent mass is an important branch in your company’s strategy. This is because there is an undeniable corellation between sucessfactors and existing, as well as future talent mass. This is why it is important to define what core competencies and talents make sure that you can create value for your customers. We identify the potential,and thereby make you capable ofimplementing your strategy and building a toolset of competencies and talents.

The way in which we think of talentpools

Many people have an assumption that high performance is an indicator for high potential. This is correct under the same circumstances, but if there is a change in strategy, the market, technology or something radical it can be difficult to transfer high performance in a new context.

Unfortunately this assumption is the reason that many companies are looking for high performers when gathering the talent mass. At TalentInsights we know, that you as a company should rather focus on the indicators for potential that can be translated into performance.

When we gather the talent mass we think of 5 elements that indicate and identify potential. The 5 elements are: motivation, curiosity, insight, engagement and decisiveness, aspects that we uncover through the talents.

The way in which we identify driving factors

Through the talent we uncover

Motivation: Shows a dedicated effort to distinguish itself; has ambition and will to place it’s personal mark; strives after collective goals and invests in being better at everything, that the person is engaged in.

Curiosity: Is open towards learning and developing themselves; searches for new experiences, knowledge and insights and looks for new ways to create value.

Insight: Has the ability to collect and create meaning from data and information, which gives new possibilities and choices as well as help with choosing and prioritizing.

Engagement: shares and communicates a convincing vision; creates connections with people internally as well as externally; has the abilities to make people understand, become motivated by and take part in assignments and roles, that are required to reach the goals.

Decisiveness: Has the ability to set goals and go after them regardless of conflicts and challenges and drives processes of change with a conscious short- and far sighted focus at the same time.


The way in which the organization moves.

We compare organizations with organisms. They are in constant movement in a dynamic environment. This is why the company should create preparedness through their talentpool. To make the company ready to adapt and agile, we in TalentInsights work with your employees preparedness in relation to the company’s strategy. When we know the company’s challenge, we then work systematically to develop the company’s talent mass so that it gives insight and transparency for the individual talent and the organization it navigates in. In this way we reach collaboration with your company’s organizational agility.

Our tools

The thought process

All courses start with the relevant employees taking the TalentIndikator test. We use the Talent carousel to put the talents into play in relation to eachother and the growth mindset to understand what the interaction kan be used for.

Driving factors

The growth mindset helps us to show movement. The talents influence eachother, we call it The sister talents when they cover the equivalent aspects – determined and focused both create movement, but in different ways.

The organism

Talents influence each other in the individual employee, in a team of employeesand inbetween teams and departments in an organization. We set the talents in movement and in relation to the company’s wish of dynamic and strategicgoals.

We follow the guidelines for use of tests in the corporate world. We treat the information confidentially, and we work after the Data Protection Service’s rules. You can read more about the validity of TalentIndikator here and our personal data processing here.

Reevaluate your talentpool

We work with making organizations and companies prepared through development of their talentpool. We have 20 years of experience med talent development and look forward to contributing to your success. Fill out the formular and we will contact you within 48 hours.


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