Composition of teams

Does your company make use of teams and teamwork? It can pay off to go the extra mile in order to achieve well functioning teams. Employees that work in teams are more effective and create better results for the company. It is unfortunately not easy to put together high functioning teams with a high performance.

At TalentInsights we work with compisitioning of teams via the understanding of what roles and assignments the individual team should be able to handle. Our course of action secures a wide selection of knowledge and insight, that gives higher effeciency, more innovation and higher team satisfaction.


Your biggest resource is your employees

At TalentInsights it is our opinion that the employees are one of the biggest resources in the company. This is why it is important to make use of this resource in the best ways possible, by ensuring that there is good collaboration between the employees. In addition it is also worth it to mention that there is time, money and a lot of energy to collect, when collaboration works optimally in the company’s teams. We work with compisitoning of teams from the understanding of what roles and assignments the individual team needs to be able to handle. The team should be compositioned from a wish of diversity or coincidence of roles, all dependent on what assignments the team is facing.

The 9 team roles

We work with 9 team roles that are created from the 34 talents, and our experience shows that most people naturally cover 3-4 of these roles. This means that a team of 3 – 4 people can cover all roles. When we put together teams the balance between diversity and correspondence is crucial.

Customer experiences

team composition

Mangfoldighed er en konkurrencefordel

Diversity is a competitive advantage

Subject knowledge, abilities, and personality are some of the aspects we look at to build the most relevant teams. The teams ability to create value through dialogue, subject knowledge, motivation and behaviour is shown through the talents that the team represents.

The experience from many projects and teams shows that teams with higher diversity deliver better solutions and achieve higher levels of performance. The diverse compositioning of perspectives gives a wide selection of knowledge and insight, that over time gives higher efficiency, more innovation and better team satisfaction. This is why we actively work with the 9 team roles and to create balance so that all roles are covered.

Our toolbox

Team compositioning

We put together teams based on the individual participants talent profiles. We ensure that subject knowledge as well as personal behaviour is represented in the team. We use our comprehensive Team report with connected team dimensions as support and direction when we put together teams and project groups.

team development

To develop a team for us means to make sure that the team is able to handle the given assignment. Development means that we focus on the different parts of the team playing different roles in the lifetime of the team. Inspired by Tuckman’s model: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing we incorporate development in the different phases. We work actively to secure that the team has the resources needed – are they internal or should they be brought in from outside?

Conflict management

Conflict management is a normal part of a development process when multiple people need to collaborate. We use the discussion dimension as the basis for solving conflicts.

team roles

We are talking about roles in a team instead of participants in a team, given that the same person typically can handle 3 – 4 roles with their top talents. We actively work with blind spots, development potential, collective approach as opposed to individual approach and how we appear as a relevant team to the outside world. We think of roles as ways to solve assignments. We use our famous Team Report and the individual team dimensions as support for the process.

We follow the guidelines for use of tests on the labor market. We handle information confidentially, and we work after the data protection authorities’ rules. You can read more about the validity of TalentIndikator here and our personal data processing here.

How does your team look?

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