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We live for personal development. Do you want to be closer to your personal possibilities, investigate your personal competencies or put your posibilities into words? At TalentInsights we offer strengthbased personal development. Together with our certified partners we offer a wide variety of courses and development processes. We uncover your potential via our popular tool TalentIndikatorⓒ. As a result you will get closer to your talents and find your personal strengths.

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Get help with your career switch

It can be difficult to articulate what potential we are carrying, and this can create doubt around our career path, personal abilities and make us feel caged in. When you get insight into your talents, you also learn to describe your own potential, personal strengths and put your personal competencies into new words.

Get back your job satisfaction

When our talents and personal competencies aren’t put into play correcty, it will affect the job satisfaction and we often don’t feel that our full potential sees the light. In the talent development we work through personal development to put your top talents into play, which creates job satisfaction and purpose.

Know your team strengths

Often times we put our talents into play when we need to lift an assignment as a team. When you aren’t aware of your own or other peoples talents it can create conflict and misunderstandings in the workplace. With talent development you will optimize the collaboration with your colleagues.

Become even better at what you do

We often meet people who want to develop on their career, but feel held back. With a talent test you will gain insight into your personal competencies and you can automatically contribute with more and become a stronger resource in the labor market.

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Your top talents

Are you curious as to what your top talents are? Our free test gives you answers on your top 9 talents, in order for you to get a little closer to using them correctly.

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The full report

Dive deeper into your talents with a thorough report. In the report you will uncover all your talents, as well as how they work in connection with eachother and others.

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Report + coaching

How do you put your talents into play? Through our collaborating partners we offer personal coaching in stress courses, management development, job development etc.

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Choose what type of report you wish to recieve on your test. Notice that Complete- and Expert reports take up to 24 hours from ordering until you will recieve the report.


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Gratis per test
  • Top 9 talents
  • Description of talents
  • All test questions
  • Validity check


All talents and dimensions
DKK 1000-2300 Per test
  • + Basis with all talents
  • Time dimension
  • Hard/soft dimension
  • Archetypes
  • 1 - 12 dimensions depending on needs


Coaching and implementation
  • + Complete package
  • Personal sparring
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Customer tailoring
  • Own testplatform
  • Data export

At TalentInsights we offer a wide variety of personal development via the tool TalentIndikatorⓒ. Get closer to your talents and find your personal strengths. You always start with a talent test. After the test you can get an elaborate result of the test in many different ways. This happens via a report.

Are you a member of Business Denmark?

Are you making use of your full potential? We collaborate with Business Danmark and right now as a member you can get a full test as well as personal examination, for free. Articulate your core competencies and discover your possibilites. You can read more about this on their website here.

Talenter certificering
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We teach companies to put talent into play

We have throughout the years educated large as well as smaller companies in talent development. We offer certification in the tool TalentIndikator, in order for you to learn as a leader or coach to use this in your development of people.


What can a talent test do?

The personal development starts with unused potential. The catalyst for self development is often times a wish for energy, job satisfaction and surplus. Or for us to develop ourselves, so that we can develop our career. Become educated on personal development, talents, dimensions and what it can do for you

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