What are talents?

Talents - what are they and how do you find your talents?

We are specialists in Talent Development and Strength Based Management. Since 2004, we have worked with management and organisational development with a special focus on professional and targeted talent development in a number of Danish and foreign companies. On this page you can find out more about talent and why it is so important.

What are talents?

Talents are expressions of the abilities we as humans are endowed with by nature and which are expressed in our behaviour – the behaviour that we naturally master to perfection and that we do time and time again – we simply cannot help ourselves. You could say that following your talent is following your heart.

We work with Talents as neurological properties. Something that everyone possesses. We’ll repeat that last point: everyone has talent! Unfortunately, the talents are not always known, or used, or just used right.

In our experience, many managers find it difficult to name more than one talent in their staff. And if you don’t know the talent, it can be difficult to activate it. But that’s another story.

Why are talents interesting?

Studies show that people who use their top talents produce over twice as much as those who don’t. In addition, productivity is high without the individual becoming stressed or worn out.

Despite the fact that we are endowed with talents by nature, they are rarely put to use. Studies show that most employees use only one of their top talents in their daily work.

Most people therefore have a great deal of untapped potential. This untapped potential can lead to mis-recruitment, high employee turnover or lack of job satisfaction and motivation. Conversely, if talent is properly harnessed, it can increase job satisfaction, strengthen the company’s competitiveness and create sustainable management.

Employees are the company’s – or organisation’s – most important resource. Through talent development, the employee becomes more valuable and creates higher value.


We certify employees and companies in talent development through assessment platform



Certification training is for anyone interested in human development.

Together with our clients, we have developed the TalentIndicator©, a testing tool that measures 34 talents and presents them by putting them into play in different situations. We have many ways of showcasing talent – some company-specific others available to all. The TalentIndicator provides a very accurate picture of the individual’s talents and how these can add value and joy to the person.

Over the years we have conducted more than 16,000 tests, 7 countries and 100s of organisations. We can see the results of companies that work operationally with talent development compared to those that do not. There is a huge potential for much better results when companies make an effort in this area.


The 34 talents

Talents are something you are born with. Then talents are formed in the young years, some are activated and strengthened, while others are not activated and therefore almost fade away. Some neurologists believe that you are born with about 20 of the 34 talents, but after the first 15-25 years, there are only between 3-10 of them left. Of these, one or two will be very significant. This is partly because the brain does not have enough capacity for all 20 talents, and therefore the brain removes/downplays the talents that are used least, so that those that are strong have “lots of power”.

The good thing about the talents is that the brain gets better and better at using the talents that you already have now. It is important to understand that not all talents are equally visible on a daily basis, especially if they are not used at work, which is very often the case. The talents are an expression of potentials, i.e. areas where people could grow extremely fast. Success is created through the use of the most distinctive talents and the ability to steer clear of the need to use the least distinctive talents. The brain is plastic. This means that it is malleable, and therefore can change, along with our character. That’s why the brain only gets better by being used. So why not use it on talent work. See the 34 talents here

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