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A test- and profile tool that is easy to use in practice

With TalentIndicator you get access to a profile and testing tool that helps you with solving more tasks in recruitment, team- and leader development through insightful person profiles.   With certification in TalentIndikator©you learn to create an optimal growth environment, employee satisfaction and impact through strengthbased leadership.

“…A particularly good development tool! Both for leadership, recruitment and development of teams”

Rikke Laursen

HR Manager, KILROY

Profile tool for selection and development of employees, leaders and teams.

Development of teams and groups

Our test- and profile tool creates open and equal dialogue between employees and leaders. With certification you become prepared to work with team development and team profiles at all levels of the organization.

Person profiles with multiple functions

TalentIndicator is the only tool you need, when you wish for a thorough insight in the individuals role and contribution to the team. The tool secures that talents match the demands that are in place in relation to work tasks, cooperation and results.

Recruitment and success profiles

Have an easier time evaluating the candidates’ competencies, talents and match. Our test- and profile tool gives you quick access to the candidates’ profile reports and test results, via simple and user friendly web access.

Certification and workshops

With certification in TalentIndicator you get proof of your competencies. Through close to practice training and workshops we build qualifications so that you can convert the tool to value for you and your organization.

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Rikke was part of improving the dialogue and the common understanding in KILROY

When Rikke was working as Training Manager she was poked on the shoulder with an offer to map out her talents and at the same time become certified in talent development via TalentIndicator. Today, Rikke works as HR Manager in KILROY. Outside of Denmark, TalentIndicator is also implemented in the other countries where KILROY operates and for Rikke, the TalentIndicator has become an indispensible HR tool.

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Certification and education in TalentIndicator

With certification in TalentIndicator you will get access to the only profile- and test tool you need. We have collected all profile tools into one, so that you have what you need as far as employee-, team- and leadership development. The education runs over 3 days, where you will be taught how you can use TalentIndicator as an HR- and profile tool.

Workshops and courses

Do you know your talentpool, the team dynamic or what about the recruiting strategy? Through our workshops and courses you can strengthen your competencies within a multitude of areas. We help you with taking a talent and data driven approach to solving the company’s challenges within recruitment, onboarding, talent management and retention, as well as leader- and team development.


Ric Jacobsen

“I have worked with talent development and personal coaching for 15 years. Today i work as a consultant for our customers. This means I meet many passionate and hopeful people, that I help guide towards success. When they first have learned how they should use the test- and profile tool, my biggest task is to keep developing on how the tool can create value for them.”

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Are you looking for a testing tool that can lift the assignment as far as person profiles for recruitment, jobmatch, leadership development and personal development etc.? TalentInsights can help expand your talent eco system. Whether you need a test tool within jobprofiles, motivation of employees, talent- or sales assessment – then our test tool can be tailored to the task and we can help you.

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