Talent development of organizations, employees and leaders

Talent development is about people. People that pave the roads forward for sustainable organizations, with the necessary competencies and culture for future growth. TalentInsights prepares your organization for the future through talent development. Through talent development we increase your company’s competitivenessas well as increase the organizations ability to attract the right people and create motivating and succesful teams, as well as better work environments.Talent development environments are created through leadership of talents.

Talent development for the entire organization

Talent needs to be formed, developed and educated. When employees are developed, the company is developed. This is why a talent development strategy is important to prepare and maintain. At TalentInsights we have a lot of experience in cooperation with organizations and their leaders, with the goal of uncovering and developing peoples potential, so that they stand stronger together. Our focus is to develop the company’s overall talentpool, so that it achieves the largest organizational benefit and creates a flourishing work environment. We help organizations with starting the necessary processes, as well as equip you with the right tools for the job.

Talent development of employees

Most leaders only know very few – often times only 1 af their employees talents. This applies for about 80% of all leaders today. In addition a lot of the employees were in doubt if they even had any talents themselves. The truth is that EVERYBODY has talents.

There are different levels of talent. There is the raw talent (newly educated people), the top talent (those who will step directly in to your organization and perform from day one) and talent that develops talent (leaders, educators and consultants).

By using TalentIndicator we dive into all 3 levels and uncover what the employee thinks is easy to work with, what they are motivated by, what areas they can develop themselves on and match the current and future available job roles.


Management development

Leadership happens on the floor with your employees. It is your person, competencies and your talents that reflect your leadership style When you don’t know your own talents, you can often work against them. This creates stress for not only yourself – but often also in the form of a leadership environment that isn’t sustainable. TalentInsights work with your personal development through your talents, in order for you to develop yourself as an authentic and engaged leader. By releasing and strengthening your talents, you learn to strengthen others. Read more about our leadership development here.

Tools for Talent development


We create a picture of the organisations collective talentpool and illustrate this with talents that supplements , compliments and combines when there is action and thought. The talent diagram Gives an overview of the organizational levels that you wish for. Read more.


You have recieved your TIR (TalentIndikator Report) in your hand, and understand what it means for you. The tool – The Talent Triangle is used to understand yourself and your talents in different contexts. You will see how your past, present and future plays a role in the development. You can get inspiration by reading about the relevant dimensions in the TIR-report Share and show your talents with your colleagues, this way everyone becomes more valuable. Read more.


You have recieved the TIR report in your hand, and understand what it means for you as a leader. The tool – The Talent Triangle you can use to understand yoour employees talents in different contexts. The triangle shows how talents, situations and subject knowledge play off eachother. Share and show your talents to your leadership colleagues, this way you all become more valuable. Read more.

We follow the guidelines for the use of tests in business. We treat information confidentially and we work according to the rules of the Data Protection Authority. You can read about the validity of Talentindicator here and our handling of personal data here.

Are you interested in Talent development?

Do you wish to develop others or your own talent? Does your organization need to become more competitive? Then contact us for a no-obligation chat about our various talent development tools. We are fully aware that managing change, or changing yourself, is a challenging task, but with us as your partner, the task becomes easier.


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