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Introduction to our free test

Are you a little curious about what your talents are? Try our personality profile test and see your top 9 talents for free. Talent is not just for top athletes – we all have talent. Some are more dominant than others. When these are put to proper use, that’s where you thrive. Try the talent test for free and gain insight into your personality profile through your talents. The test is based on the TalentIndikator© tool. Just follow the guide below (the test will open in a new window).

1 Our talent test opens in a new window and takes 25-35 min from start to finish. It is important that you can sit undisturbed and are focused on the task.

2 Be honest in your answers. Although you may not like your first thought, it is the one that gives the most accurate result and thus a true picture of your personality profile, as well as top talents.

3 The result of your talent test will be displayed on the screen once you have completed the test. Below you can read more about the 34 talents and their importance. It might be a good idea to come back here when you have your result ready.

Get to know the 34 talents

Talents are something you are born with and then shape in your young years, some are activated and strengthened, while others are not activated and therefore almost fade away. Learn more about what talent is and how to relate it to your TalentIndikator report.

A Talent Test is a personality profile test that reveals which thought patterns you have preferences for. Okay, you think – but how? The talent test uncovers your neurological patterns, and based on them we describe your expected behaviour. When you know your talents, you know who you are! Read our guide: What can a talent test do? and find out how to make the most of your potential.

How is the test structured?

Every test is a sample of reality. We seek to uncover the talent potential of the individual, so that they are better able to express themselves. When you know yourself, you can develop and use your own talents to create strengths and competences. If you have strengths and competences, you can put them to good use where they are most useful. Read more about how the test is structured here.