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Do you want to learn to develop other peoples talents? With TalentIndikator© you will become certified in the best HR-tool on the market surrounding strength based leadership, recruitment, team- and employee development.

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Become certified in TalentIndikator

TalentIndikator is a testingtool, that makes it possible for you to strengthen your talent strategy. It only requires one certification. Our certification course runs over 3 days, where you will be guided by competent teachers. We have throughout the last 20 years certified leaders, HR employees and consultants within a wide variety of industries and for that reason we are ready to give you a solid, theoretical and practical foundation.

Easy integration for your HR-system

Multiple danish companies have chosen TalentInsights as part of their HR solution. That is in large part due to our test and profile tool being developed by the best experts on the subject. With a certification in TalentIndikator you will collect all needs in one tool that solves both recruitment, team- and leader development, as well as talent development.

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Content in certification

With a TalentIndikator certification you will learn to master the following tasks:

  • Creating personal profiles
  • Talent identification
  • Development of the Talent Pool
  • Daily ongoing talent development
  • Strategical talent development
  • Management development
  • Recruitment with TalentIndicator

You will be trained in a proven approach to assessing people, developing talent, understanding what drives and motivates, understanding context, creating strengths and working with talent development on a day-to-day basis. You will become inspired as to how TalentIndikator can become a part of your HR-ecosystem.

Your HR toolbox

With this training you will learn procedures and techniques which can be used in:

  • Management and staff development
  • Empowered change management
  • Recruitment and other tasks where self-insight/insight into strengths is the motivation

The elements of the training can be adjusted to your and your company’s specific needs. You will also gain access to your own testing platform, and we will of course ensure ongoing exchange of experiences and realizations regarding the testing tool, so that we can create even greater value.

Outcome of certification

  • New skills in talent-focused management and employee development
  • Access to the talent assessment system –
  • Network of dedicated talent developers
  • Documentation on your qualifications
  • Possibility to become a part of our partner network

You and your company will get documentation on your qualifications. Your skills can be put into action immediately after the course, as we work in an action-oriented way throughout. You will become prepared to complete evaluation processes on your own, and you will quickly be able to convert the information into development and value so that your new qualifications will fit into your HR system.

You get a very precise and operational terminology around talent development and developing other people positively. As a certified consultant you will gain access to the entire TalentIndikator platform TalentCloud.

The Certification Process

  • You will recieve a TalentIndikator test and we will give you feedback, as well as a complete TIR report so that you are aware of the tools possibilities.
  • Pre-study material – we will send you articles and video content regarding talents
  • In collaboration with the other course participants we will put our experience and insight into action.
  • The first 2 days we will be working with all the individual talents, in relevant contexts and cases.
  • After that you will convert theory into practice and complete 2-3 assessment processes over the course of a couple of weeks. You will have constant access to help if you wish.
  • We will meet 1 day and exchange experiences and learn about how we can use the approach to given assignments in everyday life.
  • After that, you have the opportunity to become certified. To get to the exam, you must have completed a written homework assignment, between 3 and 5 completed assessment sessions and concrete development plans.
  • You take the exam and get certified.

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Course prices

A certification course costs DKK 17.500 per participant + VAT. Closed courses within organizations and companies by appointment. The course is offered in english and danish physically, as well as online.

The price covers testing before, during and after the training. Own testing and coaching session. Material as well as catering on course dates.

Do you have questions about certification?

We are ready to answer any questions about certification and course dates. Please do not hesitate to describe your needs in the comment box.

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