Talento -Strategic Management

Strategic Management (Advanced study course in business administration) F2024

Welcome to your new cognitive training universe.

Technology is evolving, and here we have leveraged the latest ChatGPT language model to make it possible for you to search and navigate across the material you need to study.

You can ask any questions you might have within the syllabus.

The most valuable learning occurs when you as a study group come together and discuss your questions and critically think about the answers the assistant provides.

The assistant is trained in the material but only responds when you ask a relevant question – in this world, to prompt. The quality of the answers directly depends on your ability to ask the right questions.

Feel free to look in the book to get inspired for good questions.

This is a tool that helps you study and work with the subject of strategy during the course.

You do not have access to the virtual assistant for the exam. It will be closed down at that point in time.