What are your top talents?

In collaboration with TalentInsights and Business Danmark, you can now become aware of what your top 9 talents are. Talents are not just reserved for top athletes – we all have talents. Talents are another word for what you are best at. When your talents are put to use properly, that’s where you thrive. Knowledge about your talents gives you insight into your strengths and weaknesses, and it allows you to develop. Scroll down to try the test.


1 The TalentIndicator test opens in a new window and takes approximately 35 minutes from start to finish. It is important that you can be undisturbed and focused on the task.

2 Be honest in your answers. Even though you may not like your first thought, it is the one that gives the most correct result in the test.

3 The result of your talent test will be displayed on the screen after you have completed the test. You can also log on to www.talentcloud.biz with your credentials and see your top 9 talents.

How to use the test result

  • Put words to your drive, what motivates you, what gives you energy, and what tasks you thrive on.
  • If you are a seeker, use the result to describe what you are good at in your job application and to prepare for your job interview.
  • You can use your top 9 talents when putting together your customer portfolio and presenting to your customers. Is there a fit between you?
  • You can use your top 9 talents to find your salesperson profile, find your way of arguing, or your way of collaborating.

Press the button to start the test

Enjoy. The test result will subsequently be sent by email. If you have not received your email, remember to check your spam folder.


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