Author: Arne Skov

Become a CI-certified Talent Coach!

Would you like to become a Talent Coach or simply enhance your own talent management opportunities?

Become a certified Talent Coach with the hands-on oriented talent approach from Corporate Insights Europe, a global leader in assessment and development programmes.

We invite you to our well approved certification program that ensures your qualification to provide talent coaching.

By joining the programme, you gain the skills, confidence, and status you need to coach people in a business context based on their talents.

Next certification will be the 6th, 7th and 27th of October 2014 and for November 3rd, 4th and 24th in the centre of Copenhagen. This is a 3 day action oriented training where 2 professional trainers will support your learning experience intensely.

Become a Certified Associate TalentIndicator (CATI) coach.

You will get access to your own test platform and we will introduce you to newest methods to conduct and apply assessment. Sign up and become a part of the current network of certified coaches.

We will provide you with business cases and approaches how to develop your own business case based on Talent approach. Currently TI Caches perform individual development and or group development, pre-hire assessment, talent pools, team development, leadership and management assessment and development and other tasks related to development of strengths based organizations and employees.

You will join a network of certified professionals, and receive ongoing training and inspiration.

You should provide a written assessment, conduct between 3 and 5 TI assessments, and a final examination in a real coaching context including supervision and censors.

Niels Brock Executive, Fiolstræde 44, 1171 København K. Next to city center commuter hub Nørreport Station.
In case of questions contact In case you would prefer a company specific training we are happy to provide a customized certification.

Participation fee is DKK. 9.995 + VAT, including training material, TI assessments during the certification process, coaching and training, final examination and food/beverages.